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Compression Therapy

Compression therapy is the use of medical grade compression stockings to alleviate swelling and pain.  

Compression stockings can be a helpful tool for managing swelling during pregnancy, postpartum, after surgery, or in other more complex conditions such as lymphedema or varicose veins. 

Medical grade compression stockings are covered under many extended health insurance plans with a doctor or midwife prescription. 

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Why use compression?

  • Decreased swelling in feet and legs 

  • Relief from aching and fatigued legs

  • Helps prevent & minimize varicosities

  • Can lessen vertigo and nausea during

  • Prevention of thrombosis (blood clots)

  • Manage swelling after surgery

  • Prevention or treatment of Varicose Veins (legs, groin)

  • Prevention and management of lymphedema

  • Connective tissue health

These symptoms can occur during

Pregnancy and Postpartum

Jobs / activities that require standing for long periods

After surgery

In more complex health conditions

and more

Compression is a vital part of treatment and management of conditions that involve swelling.


Overtime, swelling and congestion in connective tissues can lead to damage and inflammation. This affects the health of both skin, muscles, and everything in between. 

Similarly, prolonged distention of veins (as in varicose veins) can cause permanent damage of veins and valves within them, which leads to varicose veins and inflammation of surrounding tissues (ie. achy, heavy, tired legs). 

Compression therapy goes hand in hand with lymphatic drainage treatment. 


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How compression stockings work.

Compression stockings can help to reduce swelling by increasing pressure in connective tissue and blood vessels thereby supporting your veins and lymphatic vessels. The stockings are designed to apply precise and defined gradient pressure on the swollen body part.

For example, a compression stocking for the leg would have the strongest pressure at the ankle and decreases in an upwards direction as it moves up your leg. This gradient pressure helps to improve circulation. 

knee high

Knee High Compression

thigh hig

Thigh High Compression


Maternity Compression

arm sleeve

Arm Sleeve


Treatment Phase Velcro Wrap

hand JUZO

Compression Glove

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