Perinatal Massage Therapy

Massage therapy during the childbearing years is a great way to care for yourself during pregnancy, the postpartum period, and when caring for a new human! 

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 Pregnancy Care 

Massage therapy treatment can be supportive throughout your pregnancy as your body adapts to the changes of childbearing. It is a safe and beneficial approach to caring for your body throughout all trimesters of pregnancy. Treatment can be useful for addressing physical ailments that can come with pregnancy, decreasing pain, restoring and/or maintaining balance in your changing body, preparing your body for childbirth, improving sleep quality, promoting relaxation, and a connection to your changing body.  

Your Treatment

At The Nest we have a special pregnancy pillow designed to support your body on the massage table. Sick of lying on your side all the time? Lots of pregnant folks are overjoyed when they can spend a comfortable amount of time lying in a face and belly down position on the massage table. If this position still isn't comfortable, there are many ways we can adjust the table to make you as comfortable as possible during your treatment.

Each visit we will discuss the various treatment options that will best suit your body at that time.   

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Postpartum Care

After pregnancy & birth comes the postpartum period or fourth trimester. It is important that you care for yourself during this time in addition to caring for your newborn. Massage therapy during the postpartum period can help your body recover from childbirth, restore balance & physical function, promote relaxation, help you reconnect with your body after childbearing, and address the physical ailments that come with caring for a newborn.  

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Cesarean Birth Recovery

CESAREAN SCAR MASSAGE THERAPY is CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE AT THE NEST. Please email Carlie with questions or concers. 

Massage therapy can be helpful for recovering from a cesarean birth. 

If you have given birth this way, you may want to consider treatment for your scar and for rebalancing the physical structures that can be affected from this surgery. 

What you may notice

  • numbness or altered sensation 

  • swelling 

  • slow healing of the scar

  • feelings of tightness or pulling around the scar

  • lower back pain

  • pelvic or groin pain

  • lumpy or hard spots along your scar

Treatment for your scar can help to address these issues

This treatment can be done any time after a cesarean birth — it's never too late to work on your scar!

It is important to note that this treatment has potential to bring up emotions connected to your birth experience. There will be much attention paid to open communication to establish and honour your comfort levels throughout the treament.

 Initially treatments will be focused on decreasing swelling, promoting tissue healing and minimizing restriction of

scar tissue formation. Later treatments will focus on mobilization of scar tissue, easing restrictions, and promoting reconnection & integration of touch in this area of the body. 

Scar treatment can be included in any treatment 

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Infant Massage

Infants can benefit from nurturing touch in a variety of ways. Massage can promote infant's physical growth and neurological development, recovery from the birth process, relaxation, and improved sleep, digestion, and feeding. Infant massage can also promote social and emotional development as infants interact through touch and face to face interaction. Parent/caregiver participation is encouraged as it can promote bonding. This treatment can involve a teaching component if the parents wish to give their infant massage at home. 

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